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Under Agreement
with the
Louisiana Real Estate Commission


Each real estate licensee who is actively licensed in Louisiana shall, as a condition of licensing, carry and maintain errors and omissions insurance to cover all licensed activities. Each licensee has the option of obtaining errors and omissions insurance independently, so long as the coverage complies with the minimum requirements established by the Louisiana Real Estate Commission (the Commission) and the licensee obtains a "Certificate of Coverage" signed by an authorized agent or employee of the insurance carrier (which shall be filed with the Commission in compliance with LA R.S.§1466).

In order to maintain a superior program for the the Commission’s official group program, Rice Insurance Services Company, LLC (RISC) has an agreement with Continental Casualty Company, one of the CNA insurance companies, to provide its policy for the Louisiana licensees. RISC’s experience and excellent claims service (specializing in real estate E&O) combined with CNA's strong financial performance and ratings ( rated “A” by A.M. Best) will provide a quality program for Louisiana licensees.

RISC provides servicing (administrative duties include claims handling, certificate of coverage issuance, marketing mailings, customer service, etc.) of the Louisiana account.  The management team of RISC specializes in handling group programs for states with mandatory real estate E&O insurance requirements and has been managing the Louisiana group program since 2003.  RISC is located at 4211 Norbourne Boulevard, Louisville, Kentucky 40207-4048.

 This program is designed exclusively to provide professional liability insurance for Louisiana Real Estate Licensees.  Even the most careful professional cannot always prevent the filing of a frivolous lawsuit nor can he/she preclude making an honest mistake.  Under this program, the insurance carrier has the responsibility of defending, as well as paying a settlement or judgment on covered claims, up to the limits of liability.