RISC Rice Insurance Services Company, LLC
Specializing in Mandated Real Estate Errors & Omissions Insurance
We put the Experience and Options in E&O programs



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Note: We CANNOT accept payment over the phone.  Payments may be made online at www.risceo.com with VISA or Mastercard, or by mailing in an enrollment form with a check or money order.

(502) 897-1876

(800) 637-7319   Toll free

(888) 248-2444  Toll Free (Inside Tennessee)


Enrollment and Payment Information: Ext. 1

Claims Department: Ext. 2

Excess Coverage Department (Higher Limits for Firms): Ext. 3


General Questions: info@risceo.com

Policy questions: policyadministrator@risceo.com

Claims questions: claims@risceo.com


(502) 897-7174

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Rice Insurance Services Company, LLC
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Overnight Delivery

Rice Insurance Services Company, LLC
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